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Poinciana is a celebration of music, art and film in the Cayman Islands. Taking place March 10 -12, 2017. The festival is open to international submissions.



this year's theme is "roots"

Students are invited to participate in the Poinciana Student Challenge 2017.

Students can enter their film, music or any other artwork into this challenge.

The theme of the challenge is "Roots." Students are encouraged to think about "Roots" and what that might mean. Roots can signify strength. Roots can mean down to earth. Roots are also used to nourish. There are many ways to interpret "Roots," so get creative and use your art to express what it means to you!

Remember, you can take a photo, create an Adobe design, produce a song, write a poem, produce a short film - anything!



Submissions Closed!

Winner revealed on March 12, 2017 at the Harquail Theatre


If you are a student in the Cayman Islands, between the ages of 11 and 17, you are eligible to enter into the Poinciana Student Challenge - it's THAT easy!

After you've completed your piece, simply click SUBMIT below and follow the instructions! 


There should be no cursing, profanity or nudity in your work.

Any music or images used in your work must be authorized or belong to the public domain.

For example, you can't use Bob Marley's "One Love" unless you've cleared it with Island Records.