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Bright spot

Rob Tyler and Tamer Soliman

Filmmaker Rob Tyler and Holistic Nutritionist Tamer Soliman are inspired by “Bright Spots,” Jerry Sternin's idea that when we re-embrace successful, traditional practices that have fallen by the wayside, our communities and lives can change for the better.  The Bright Spot of the Cayman Islands is Coconut Oil, a food that modern research claims is one of the healthiest on the planet. Join Rob and Tamer as they interview experts and the people of the Cayman Islands to discover why coconut oil has lost its place in many Island homes, and how a modern population can be inspired to overcome the hurdles of the past and return this healthy, traditional oil to its kitchens.

Written and Narrated - Tamer Soliman

Crew - (Producers & Directors) Rob Tyler, Tamer Soliman, (Executive Producers) Jeremy Walton & Stephen Price, (Production Coordinator) Sarah Douglas, (Cinematography) Rob Tyler, (Sound) Brett McTaggart 



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