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The Devil You Know

Badir Awe & Trevor Murphy

When the charming yet ruthless killer Bishop is employed to kill the beautiful and innocent Vanessa, he gets more than he bargains for. Could she be the one to make him change his ways? The Devil You Know plays with traditional film conventions whilst also delivering a powerful message in a 'Hollywood' style.

Cast - Abbey Le Cornu, Ronnie James Hughes, Julia Fazakerly, Lindsay Katarina Japal, Matthew Leslie, Hamish Sturgeon, Kate Macpherson, Jerry Beck, Mark Ravenscroft, Susan Jones.

Crew - (Director) Badir Awe & Trevor Murphy, (DP) Agustín González, (Executive Producer) David Ravenscroft, (Composer) Paul J. Deakin, (Production Design) Tansy Maki, (Wardrobe) Dianna Reardon, (Special Effects) Jim Deloach.


The Devil You Know