In 2017, the Cayman Islands Ministry of Health & Culture with technical support from the United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO) issued a Culture & Heritage Policy and Strategic Plan - a ten year plan towards 2026.

Below are some of the ways Poinciana is helping the Cayman Islands achieve this plan.

By sponsoring us we can work together to help achieve some of the strategic aims of this policy. 

Caymanian cultural icon “Aunt” Julia Hydes, deceased. ©Cayman National Cultural Foundation (CNCF) 


Monthly Recurring Donation

Ministerial Councillor for Culture, Roy McTaggart, MLA, JP said, “…it is important to safeguard the practices of our cultural heritage that we hold dear, while forging ahead in our Islands’ sustained development.”

Status of the Artist

Promotion of the status of the artist and the freedom of cultural expression.

Strategic Aim 3 (to help with the above):
Create a national database of artists and cultural and heritage workers in the Cayman Islands and in the diaspora.

Problem Statement I-The lack of clear statistical evidence for the financial and social value of culture and heritage in the Cayman Islands poses a threat to its enhancement and protection. 

Strategic Aim 2 (to combat solve the above directive): Establish a funding mechanism through which resources for the culture and and heritage initiatives may be accessed by individuals, collectives or cultural entities at district or national levels.  

A national registry of Artists working across all genres will be established to ensure access to education and training, marketing and promotional activities, and potential support for social and health matters under the appropriate Government entity. 

Strategic Aim 7 (for the above status of the artist) : heightening public awareness and appreciation of the contributions artists make to society.

One Time Donation


Strategic Aim1: An advance of data collection and documentation of the scope of cultural participation at all levels of cayman society.

Problem Statement II - 

Lack of consistent verified data, documentation and statistics to measure the contribution that the culture and heritage sectors make to the Cayman Islands, undermines the importance of the contributions to these sectors. 

Expected Outcomes/ the “Why?” of the Policy and Strategic Plan 

  1. A vibrant, dynamic, evolving culture and heritage sector within the Cayman Islands which impacts on the quality of life and well-being of each resident of the islands;

  2. Contribution to the redress of economic and social inequalities through the identification of, and programming with vulnerable demographics

  3. Establishment of an appropriate and responsive institutional framework which promotes culture and heritage research and development. 

Strategic Aim 5 (contact the above): Create a mechanism for capturing consistent, accurate and verifiable data and statistics on programming, user numbers, financial inputs and outputs for each of the culture and heritage entities who serve as custodians of Caymanian culture. 

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