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Give It Up

Rico Rolando

Studio: Goldfyr 

Released: May 10, 2019

Review Score: B-

‘Give It Up’ is Rico Rolando’s first release since signing with Goldfyr Records. It's a song that expresses the perennial desire for love and the simultaneous inability to maintain it.

In this track we’re treated to a strong singing performance by Rico and his soothing, rich and omnipresent voice. It’s almost as if each note he sings refracts into an array of low and high frequencies.

The instruments in ‘Give It Up’ are blended beautifully: the bass-line, keyboard, snare, and acoustic guitar.  While listening to Rico’s voice against this clean arrangement we can’t help but be aware that we’re listening to the sounds of beautiful pop music in the Cayman Islands. 

However, where ‘Give It Up’ weakens is in the pre-chorus (the last two bars before the chorus) and the bridge-section.

The verse is beautiful and symmetrical, but when it flows into the pre-chorus it lacks the ’turn’ to compel the listener to anticipate the hook. In both the instrumental arrangement and Rico’s melody in the pre-chorus, there’s no melodic tension be resolved - and as such the hook doesn’t take off as much as we would like.

However, the chorus itself is pretty strong, especially the final one, and it does flow well into the verses, so the hook holds up to repeated listens. You can't help but beat your body to the music - it's dance-worthy. 

While a bridge with Rico singing is always appreciated, “Give It Up’s” bridge-section doesn't expand the overall track - adding no different feeling or emotion to the song, and it doesn't flow into the chorus any better than the verse did. It's almost a bridge for the sake of being one.

We might also have asked for more spontaneity and improvisation from the bass-line through-out, but it does it’s job and doesn’t detract from the ballad.

All things considered "Give It Up"is a good production with a catchy hook and is worthy of multiple listens for anyone who wants to relax in the sounds of pure pop. It's led by a strong singing performance from Rico Rolando and has several beautiful moments. While the song’s dynamic structure isn’t tight enough to make this a hit, you can nevertheless confidently add this to your Rico Rolando playlist of fun and easy-listening hits.

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