Caymanian cultural icon “Aunt” Julia Hydes, deceased. ©Cayman National Cultural Foundation (CNCF) 

In 2017, the Cayman Islands Ministry of Health & Culture issued a Culture & Heritage Policy and Strategic Plan - a ten year plan towards 2026.

The purpose of the plan is to build "a vibrant, dynamic, evolving culture and heritage sector within the Cayman Islands which impacts on the quality of life and well-being of each resident of the islands:" and "contribution to the redress of economic and social inequalities through the identification of, and programming with vulnerable demographics."


Poinciana helps achieve the Plan's following strategic aims:


"An advance of data collection and documentation of the scope of cultural participation at all levels of Cayman society."


Poinciana helps achieve this aim through its ongoing collecting and documenting of Cayman's cultural data. 


"Establish a funding mechanism through which resources for the culture and and heritage initiatives may be accessed by individuals, collectives or cultural entities at district or national levels." 


By sponsoring Poinciana we ensure that funds received directly benefit the artists.  


"Create a national database of artists and cultural and heritage workers in the Cayman Islands and in the diaspora."


Poinciana has been organising and archiving Cayman artists and their work for the last three years. By sponsoring us we can continue this important work.  


"Heightening public awareness and appreciation of the contributions artists make to society."


Poinciana continues to heighten public awareness of the local art through it's events, TV channel and the web. By sponsoring us you can help us continue this mission.  


Art and cultural events that Poinciana has sponsored: 

Taste of Cayman: Recycling

Poinciana takes a behind the scenes look at Taste of Cayman and meets the team responsible for organising and recycling the event's waste.  

Nipsey Hussle Event

Poinciana shoots an event hosted by ZNickster at Havana Club in honour of Nipsey Hussle and to commerate the struggle of all artists.  

Conscious Cayman: Brunch

A tasty morning of music, art and more. Join Poinciana at a Christmas brunch hosted by Conscious Cayman at the Central Terrace in George Town.  

LIVE Cayman

Poinciana was there to film LIVE Cayman's exciting launch featuring live music from some of Cayman's best performers.  

ARK Concert

Cayman's charity Acts of Random Kindness hosts at Salty's a festive day of music, food and much more. Poinciana was there to capture it all.  

Interview with Spencer Wilding

Poinciana interviews movie-star Spencer Wilding; we learn of his struggles to overcome dyslexia and become the next Darth Vader.  

K-Rose: Behind the Scenes

Poinciana visits local designer K-Rose on set of a photo shoot featuring her Deer & Alien themed inspired collection. 

Cayman Islands Poetry Festival

The Cayman Islands Poetry Festival launches with a multi-day experience featuring local and Caribbean renowned poets.  

Cayman Fashion Week 2016

Cayman Fashion Week is back representating some of the region's best designers and Cayman's top models.  

Swanky Kitchen Band: Behind the Scenes

Poinciana visits Hopscotch Studio and captures Cayman's Swanky Kitchen Band polishing off their latest single "Caribbean Blues."  

Film Panel hosted by Art Nest

Art Nest hosts a film panel discussion with participation of Cayman's top filmmakers. Poinciana was there to capture it all. 

Allure Fashion Show 2017

Poinciana follows socialite Courtney McTaggart as she interviews her way through the region's best designers and models at the 2017 Allure Fashion Show. 

Allure Fashion Show 2016

Poinciana is present at the Cayman National Gallery for a fantastic night of exquisite fashion featuring the region's best designers, presented by the 2016 Allure Fashion Show. 

Poetry Readings

Poinciana films an evening of poetry readings featuring Cayman's best poets. Hosted at Books & Books.  

Allure Fashion Show 2015

Poinciana is present at the inaugurual Allure Fashion Show; a rooftop display of some of the best designers in the region and Cayman's top models.  

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